Our Herd

Dutch Flat Angus,
“The Calving Ease Herd of Gentle Mothers with Great Udders”

We built our herd over the past 20+ years by purchasing top end females from reputation ranch production sales and private treaty sales from across the northwest and beyond. In the past couple of years, we have added some very productive females from Montana Ranch, Big Fork Montana, Coleman Angus, Charlo Montana, Sackman Cattle Company, Warden Washington and Angus Alliance Intl Ltd, Joplin Missouri. Most of the recent purchases will have progeny available for sale starting in 2025.

As we searched for the best Angus females available, we have always looked for balanced EPDs, not chasing individual traits. We have concentrated on maternal traits when selecting females including structural soundness, good feet and legs, udder quality, mothering ability, fleshing ability and docility.

Our herd is split into two separate calving seasons. Our fall calving herd is bred to calve from September 10 to November 10. We also have a group of cows we breed to calve from December 10 to February 10. This allows us to utilize our herd bulls for two breeding seasons, thus allowing us to purchase higher end herd bulls. We have started transitioning to increasing our fall calving herd and reducing the winter calving cows. Currently about 75% are fall calving and 25% calve in the December/January window.

We put a great emphasis on calving ease and getting a live, healthy calf on the ground. We cannot think of anything more important than a calf that will get up and suck on its own. The rest is easy. The majority of our bulls for sale are calving ease bulls that can be used successfully on first calf heifers.

Another trait of high importance to us is docility. You will find our cattle are gentle for the most part and easy to handle. We practice low stress handling techniques, and it does make a difference in the temperament of the cattle.

A few years ago, we added a Simmental influence into our program. We will be offering SimAngus bulls and females at our sale. However, we are keeping our base herd purebred Angus and are selling all the crossbred heifers produced with nothing held back.

Check out our catalog and join us on February 9, 2024 at Lewiston Livestock Market, Lewiston, Idaho.

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Nick Waldher: 509-751-7482
Joe Waldher: 509-566-7207
257 Dutch Flat Rd.
Pomeroy, WA 99347

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