About Us

Nick and Deb Waldher live at the home ranch and Nick runs the day to day operations of the farm and ranch. Deb helps out when she can and is our go to gal whenever the rest of us are too busy to take care of something that needs done immediately. Deb also keeps busy running her quilt/fabric store and retreat house.

Joe and Elizabeth both work full time off the ranch. Joe is a grain merchandizer for Pomeroy Grain Growers and Elizabeth teaches kindergarten at Pomeroy School District. They are very busy with children Daphne and Delilah as they are involved with many activities. Joe takes care of much of the farm’s bookwork and helps out with the cattle and farming when needed. The girls like working with the cattle, especially the calves.

In addition to the cattle, we operate a wheat farming operation that keeps us all very busy. The wheat and the cattle complement each other. The cattle graze on wheat stubble in the fall and it makes an excellent place to calve out the fall calving cows.

We could not do it all without the great help from our hired men. Evan Wolf and Steven Melvoen work full time for Dutch Flat Angus and are responsible for getting everything done in a timely manner. They are both very diligent employees and show up to work every day. They take care of the farming, equipment maintenance, weed spraying as well as fence maintenance, cattle feeding and all the rest of the long list of things to do on the farm and ranch.

Contact Us

Nick Waldher: 509-751-7482
Joe Waldher: 509-566-7207
257 Dutch Flat Rd.
Pomeroy, WA 99347

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